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A Place to put my random ramblings of fan fiction.

The Path from Vengeance
A bit of character development fluff I did back in 2006 on some PBEM I can’t remember the name of. It was mostly to introduce the new character to the rest of the players. My stay there was rather… short. The reason I put this here, I found was that is was actually the most concluded work I’ve ever done. Hopefully I can finish some of my better stories and chuck them up here too.

Star Trek Blues: The Cat’s Pyjamas
Something I started writing at the start of 2007. This character was one I role played amongst many others, which got replaced by a player character (whom didn’t last very long much to my chagrin). Despite this, I wanted to evolve the character more so started writing up her own little spin-off. It started off enjoyable, then I stopped, probably because I ran out of steam. This is one of my stories I intend to finish no matter what.

Saeth Saga Prologue
A short character prologue a friend asked me to do in 2008 since I’ve been told I write up really cool fight scenes. The world is set in the land of Tyria featured in the MMORPG Guild Wars. I believe her characters still exist, though she hasn’t played for quite some time. This also spawned a spin off where I started writing a story about the main antagonist, which hopefully i’ll finish in my lifetime, at least before Guild Wars 2 comes out, which I’ve heard was November 2011…

Character things that got started, never really concluded, or were just the idle thoughts I needed to get onto paper.

Tales from Deneb December 2006 – October 2007.
This was my return back to leading a sim. Didn’t turn out as expected, and some mistook it as my own ramblings and not something people could join in on. In the end I just gave up on it after lack of interest.

‘Twas the night before Christmas: TrekLegacies Edition December 2006.
I often inject a decent amount of comedy into my stories to break up the tension, but this was probably the first time I decided to make a song that included my characters and my friends’ characters. And given the time of year, a Christmas song seemed appropriate.

The Man in a Suit December 2006.
Something I started, but never could wrap my head around the concept properly, so ended up shelving this idea for a while. A long while… Anyway, it’s about a man who dies, and is able to place himself in a robotic form to discover how he died. I was trying my hand at murder mystery with a form I was already used to, that is, science fiction. Let me know your thoughts on what I have. I may not return to this story for a long while, but I have ideas in the future for a crime mystery.

The Zanderan Invasion November 2006.
A couple of story arcs I was involved in in my time at that PBEM. Due to being incomplete (as in parts missing due to being written by other people), I’ve shoved it down here. Reading it is still fun, so check it out.

Lieutenant Commander Emmanuel Reese, USS Yamato May 2006.
An interesting character that I devised with my friend Jos (Skon) to put on his forum sim the USS Yamato. Reese was a no-nonsense guy and was a real stickler for the rules as you will find out in these short posts. Although I didn’t play on the sim very long, I did find this kind of character’s interaction interesting.

Lieutenant Logan Donidas Stranski, USS Warhawk February 2006.
Not much of this guy. I don’t think I got any further past character intro, though I do remember simming as this character for a short time.

Commander Jack Campbell, USS Rage September 2005.
A short piece to re-introduce a character for a return of the USS Rage. I can’t remember much from the original sim, but there was supposed to be a sort of ambiguous falling out between the first and second, leading up to some revelations in character development. Not entirely sure how or when it lost interest, since it was mostly the ‘old guard’ and impressionable new guys simming at the time.

Spike Sienar May 2005.
My blatant attempt at trying to establish Cowboy Bebop’s Spike Spiegel character into a Star Wars sim. It was fun starting up a history for this character, but it ultimately never came to fruition. Might use it as a base for The Old Republic MMO due out this year, just for fun.

The Spirit of Battle April 2005.
Not sure where I was going with this piece. Perhaps I wanted to write out a poker game, but I think I wanted to use it to develop characters, mainly my Andorian Phantom character, Shol K`thar.

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