‘Twas the night before Christmas: TrekLegacies Edition

December 2006.
I often inject a decent amount of comedy into my stories to break up the tension, but this was probably the first time I decided to make a song that included my characters and my friends’ characters. And given the time of year, a Christmas song seemed appropriate.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ship
Not a tribble was stirring, not even a blip
The Warhawk was quiet, from fore to stern
Save for G-Shift, it was their turn.

Alpha shift was sleeping, Beta wound down
While the rest of the galaxy partied the town
Commander Therman, the man in charge
Rose from his slumber from a noise so large.

A glance to the window saw nothing awry
‘Til seen a red flicker from the corner of his eye
He reached for his comm. badge to contact the bridge
But paused from the bells he heard just a smidge.

Down below in the Marine Corps quarters
A sight unseen had all jump to orders
From the Thirteenth Squad Captain, Church was his name
His team awoke, perplexed from this game.

“I heard a jingle and maybe a hoof.”
“What are ye on about?” from the medic named Booth
O’Hare approached, most called him Bucky,
The Assistant Squad leader of the Thirteen Unlucky.

“Now Spfeiffer, McKenna, Kaplenti and Traiten
Get back to sleep, it’s already late in.”
He turned to his CO whilst the others went back.
“Kirk, we’re all tired. Are we under attack?”

A few doors away, Schaeffer had seen it.
The jingle of bells and the famous red outfit
Names from all cultures, planets and races
Saint Nick, Father Christmas, here of all places.

The Colonel crept on, for curiosity’s sake
As both stalked the corridors trying hard not to wake
The snoozing crewmembers, the ones with no clue
Getting presents from Santa, still hard to construe.

Turning a corner, Colonel Schaeffer kept hidden
‘Til a bump from Amaara nearly lost his position
“You see him too?” she asked in a whisper
Schaeffer nodded, thinking ‘How did I miss her?’

Then all of a sudden, the hall lights came on
And the deafening wail of the alarm klaxons
As weary Security stormed the deck
Santa was tackled by Chief P`Rett.

But Jolly old Santa was quicker than quick
Sidestepped P`Rett’s tackle and gave him a kick
A turn in motion revealed the insane
The Santa right there was really… BlackRain.

The shock-white hair, the deathly stare
Looked terribly nice in his red, woollen wear
Amaara stepped forward “You’re supposed to be dead.”
“I’m delivering presents. Now go back to bed.”

Confused greatly at the new BlackRain they met
Some were asking what gift they would get
But BlackRain said nothing, lest he break his promise
An age old favour, to a guy named Tomas.

In a flash BlackRain vanished, like a Q escaping
Leaving all in the hall with their mouths all gaping
A ‘Ho Ho Ho’ heard from outside and away
Where Santa BlackRain made off on his sleigh.

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