Lt Logan Stranski, USS Warhawk

February 2006.
Not much of this guy. I don’t think I got any further past character intro, though I do remember simming as this character for a short time.

Speak loudly and carry a big Warhawk.

19 years ago.

“Hey Dad, can I see it? Can I see it?” the young boy smiled with glee with his arms outstretched towards his father. He picked his son up and they both watched in awe.
“You’re about to watch history in the making, Logan.” said the father to his son. “Here she comes.”
They both watched among the crowded thousands in the observation decks to the launching of a Galaxy class starship. The fifth starship to bear the name Enterprise.
As the starship left her berth, Logan glassy eyed as she sailed on for her shake down cruise.
“How fast can she go, Dad?”
“Well Logan, she can cruise along comfortably at warp 9.2…” He mock glanced around as if about to disclose top secret information. “But from what I’ve heard, you can push her all the way to 9.6.”
“Cool. That’s fast.”
“You bet it is.”
“Commander Stranski?”
They both turned to who called. A woman in a command dress uniform smiled warmly.
“Hello Admiral” Stranski started. The admiral waved him off.
“This is a special occasion, Franklin. No need for the formalities.”
“Alright, Mom.” Franklin Lecthan Stranski glanced around, casually searching. “Where’s Dad?”
Logan turned around and smiled wide. “Hiya Grandma.”
Admiral Stranski paused at the interruption and returned the smile at her grandson. “Hello Logan, did you enjoy the launch?”
Logan nodded profusely.
She smiled again at him. There was no doubt in her mind that Logan would continue on the Stranski name serving in Starfleet. “Keep an eye out Logan, there’s plenty more ships coming.”
As soon as Logan was back on his feet again, he turned back to the window with excitement. The Admiral turned back to her son. “Your father’s still over at Station Ops overseeing the rest of the launches. He’s sorry he couldn’t see you before you two left.”
“That’s alright, Mom. I know how important his work is.”
“Yeah, but how about him?” Her eyes glanced over to Logan, still oblivious to everything except the starships outside.
Franklin nodded. “He’ll be fine. He’ll understand.”
“Well, I’ve got to head back to HQ for debriefing.” She hugged her son and grandson tight. “You two boys stay out of trouble.”
Franklin smirked. “Yeah Mom, we will.”
“Bye Grandma.” said Logan before his father picked him up again. He waved goodbye to his grandmother heading down the corridor, Admiral Krysten Della Stranski.
“Well, time to go now, Logan.”
Logan frowned. His black fringe was almost covering his sad eyes. There were still many ships berthing from their docks and he didn’t want to miss them. His father understood this and knelt down next to him. He pointed out through the glass at a Nebula class starship gearing to leave.
“You see that ship Logan?”
Logan nodded.
“That one’s mine. And we’re on it.”


Logan Donidas Stranski looked outside the large elliptical windows of Deep Space Nine’s Promenade. He stood in a mix of excitement and nervousness that reminded him of when he first saw the Enterprise first leave the yards. For all intents and purposes, he was as giddy as a schoolboy.
Someone approached him from his right. “Waiting for your ship to come, am I right?”
“Yeah.” Stranski replied. “How did you know? Is it that obvious?”
“I see them every day; it’s hard not to notice the signs.” The woman replied.
Stranski laughed a bit then extended his hand. “Logan Stranski.” He noticed now that the woman was a bajoran security officer.
“Nylar Kerin.” As they both shook hands, a small fleet of ships exited warp and slowly milled around the station.
“So, how long have you got before you leave, Logan Stranski?”
“Not long, my ships just arrived now.”
She nodded and turned to the window. A few ships made it to the docking pylons, others were circling the station. “So which one’s yours?” asked Nylar
Stranski glanced out the window for a moment then raised his hand, pointing out to the ship docked at one of the pylons.
“You see that ship Kerin?”
Nylar nodded.
“That one’s mine.”
“You’re the helm officer, aren’t you?”
Stranski raised an eyebrow. “Your perceptiveness is starting to freak me out. Again, how did you know?”
She smiled. “It’s my job to notice these things. Only brash, young helm officers with the rank of Lieutenant, say that a ship like that is theirs.”
They laughed for a moment as they looked at the smooth, streamlined shape of the Prometheus class USS Warhawk. The four nacelles glowed ominously as it sat there, waiting to take on the crew that would make her sail beyond the stars.

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