Lt Cmdr Emmanuel Reese, USS Yamato

May 2006.
An interesting character that I devised with my friend Jos (Skon) to put on his forum sim the USS Yamato. Reese was a no-nonsense guy and was a real stickler for the rules as you will find out in these short posts. Although I didn’t play on the sim very long, I did find this kind of character’s interaction interesting.

Lieutenant Commander Emmanuel Reese stood silently in the Captain’s office. It had been a while since the last time he wore his Starfleet uniform. A long while.
His new position on this starship, Chief of Security would be served to the full extent, never wavering in his duties. It was however without a doubt, merely a cover for his primary assignment.

Two days ago…

The halls of the building were clean, reflective and uninteresting. Soft lighting washed over the walls, illuminating the corridor as Reese made his way to the head office. They were expecting him.
As he entered, Reese nodded to the secretary before taking a seat in the waiting room. On the wall opposite him, was the department logo on one of the viewscreens. The Seal of the United Federation of Planets. Except instead of the normal ring surrounding the stars, a snake devouring its tail remained in its place. The symbol for infinity or wholeness. The symbol of the Ouroboros. Lit below the logo was the department motto:

“Illic est Tempus quod Locus pro Panton.” – There is a Time and Place for Everything.

Don’t quote my probably bad Google latin :P However if you have a better suggestion let me know.

And the Department of Temporal Investigations were seldom humorous in their philosophies.
The secretary looked over to Reese. “The Director will see you now.”

Reese stood up and entered the office. It was a slight contrast to the cold neatness outside. Warm and inviting, a display bookshelf stood to the left, showing various literary works of old Terran.
“Director Wellard.” Reese turned his attention to the old man at the desk. Wellard still maintained his build, but the life at a desk left him a little jowly. Reese stood to attention.
“Agent Emmanuel Reese reporting, sir.”
“At ease, Reese.” said Wellard as he picked up a data slate. It was a new thing from Starfleet R&D based on the PDA design from the early 21st century used for displaying important information downloaded off the main computer archive.
“I have a new assignment for you, Reese.” Wellard handed the data slate to him and Reese glanced over it. He only needed a second. His photographic memory did the rest.
“Sir, permission to speak freely.”
Wellard nodded. “Go on.”
“This completely goes against the Temporal Prime Directive, sir. All Starfleet personnel are strictly forbidden from directly interfering with historical events and required to maintain the timeline and prevent history from being altered.”
Wellard sighed. “Yes, Emmanuel. I know that.”
“So why is she on active duty and not quarantined as per Starfleet Regulation 157, Section 3, Paragraph 18?”

Everyone knew the rules since they were updated for this kind of thing ever since Kirk’s little jaunt through the Guardian of Forever. Regulation 157, Section 3 (Paragraph 18 ): Starfleet officers shall take all necessary precautions to minimize any participation in historical events.

“Starfleet Command permitted her assignment to active duty upon reviewing her future records and the report given from her interview. They deemed her fit for duty, provided she does not violate the Temporal Prime Directive in any way. And they know it even supersedes the Omega Directive.”
“Unless of course either one causes the other.”
“Please Emmanuel, don’t speculate temporal theory. It gave me a headache at the Academy and it’s doing me no pleasure now just thinking about it.”
“I don’t speculate sir. We know what has happened. Anything else is a temporal anomaly.” Reese tapped the data slate. “This occurrence is a temporal anomaly.”
“I know. None of our temporal displacement records even show her in the past.”
“The alternate timeline protocol then, sir?”
“Most likely, however I do believe that changes that may be incurred by her, whether directly or indirectly will affect this future. That is why I’m assigning you to watch over her.”
“Having a Temporal Investigator watching constantly could prove disruptive in shipboard duties, sir.”
Wellard smiled. Reese knew that whenever the old man smiled, something sneaky was rolling around in his mind.
“You are going in incognito, Emmanuel. Undercover.” Wellard slid another data slate over to him and Reese glanced over it briefly before looking at the Director again.
Reese shifted uneasily. He hadn’t served on a ship for a long while. Not since Epiphany.
He glanced at the data slate again and frowned, murmuring.
“Lieutenant Commander…”

“…Emmanuel Reese, reporting for duty, sir.” said Reese extending his hand towards Captain Skon.
“Looks like I’ll be your new Chief of Security.” he said with a modest smile.

Another post was here, not saved since it was Skon’s post. Essentially it was Reese explaining to Skon that he was sent from the future/current timeline’s DTI to watch Softfur. He made it very clear to the captain that this was a serious issue and that the CO had to be aware of the implications etc. In short, Reese was getting permission from Skon to be an absolute stickler for rules when it came to Softfur’s action, which made the interaction between the characters much more interesting.

“No further questions sir. I’d just like to get on with my duties if that’s all the same with you.” replied Reese.
Skon nodded. “Very well, Commander. You are dismissed.”

Reese turned and left the captain’s quarters. As he made his way down the corridor, the brief glances he saw got a mix of fear and respect from him. His slicked back hair, dark unnerving eyes made people nervous. It was an appearance he’d honed down to perfection to discover the plain simple truth.

But sometimes the truth changes.

It was the only reason why, deep within the DTI’s inner chambers, the Temporal Vault was constructed; to allow the records to exist without the passage of time affecting it in any way. Cause and Effect had no meaning within its chronometric walls. What is written shall remain written.

This is why Softfur’s appearance here and now was an enigma in itself. No record of her travelling from the future to this era has ever been recorded, in this timeline or another. But here she is. There had to be a solid reason why. These sort of temporal anomalies don’t happen for no reason. And that is also why he was sent; not only to keep Commander Softfur from altering historical events, but to find out how and why she got here in the first place.

Continuing his relative train of thought, he made his way to one of the turbolifts. Pressing the lift button he made his way to his office. Reese figured he may as well make himself comfortable.

As he read over Softfur’s records, he couldn’t help but find anything of significance that might be of use. There were the usual commendations from all her commanding officers, various high ranking officials and certain diplomatic ambassadors, but nothing really relating to her current situation. He let it rest for now and glanced at the chronometer.

It was time for work.

Reese made his way to the bridge, and already he’d received reports from engineering that there had been alterations to the ships performance that would otherwise not occur for the next year or so. However from memory, he did recall that Yamato had pioneered a few of the modifications in the course of its mission, essentially bringing about a self-fulfilling prophecy. More or less.

Exiting the turbolift he glanced around the bridge a moment. They were literally operating on a skeleton crew until most of the other senior officers arrived. These were trying times in the years to come. As he took control of the bridge in the Captain’s absence, he speculated just what else might be changing.

And Change was one of the many things Reese hated in this godforsaken universe.

Just a break where the next posts were, I think.

Reese stood up to return the command chair to its rightful owner, but saw his Captain heading off again. Glancing at his chronometer, he noted that Yamato would be leaving shortly. Looking around the humbled activity on the bridge he decided to head over to see what Softfur had done to the navigation and helm systems. Certainly her outburst towards the ship’s computer meant something was on her mind as of late.

And that tends to be the case for such time displaced individuals.

Reese glanced over the console settings and knotted his brow. As antiquated as this ship was relative to her, it was still top of the line in this era. He tapped the console, calling up a countdown display.

Three hours, fifty-eight minutes remaining. All it needed was a little patience.

“She’ll ease up, and then everything will run smoothly and according to plan.”

A bridge officer turned to Reese with an inquisitive look. “Are you talking about the ship or Commander Softfur, sir?”
Reese looked towards the viewscreen to the still star field.
“Both, Ensign.” He turned to the ensign. “Parker isn’t it?”
The ensign nodded. “Ensign Penelope Parker, sir. I’m assigned to your security detail, as well as relief operations officer.”
Reese nodded. “Good to have you on board, Ensign.”
He looked back down to the console and looked around. “Hmm… might see how she does with the tactical systems later…”
“Sir, do you mind if I ask you something?” interrupted Parker.
Reese turned and looked at her. Brunette with cute brown eyes were a dime a dozen in this place. He put on a nice presentable smile nonetheless.
“Yes, Ensign?”
“Do you have something against Commander Softfur?”
“No I don’t. Look, I understand what she’s going through. She’s in an environment that she’s not used to. So in order to acclimate herself into it she simply alters her surroundings to be familiar with. Everybody does it.”
“That’s understandable sir. But…” Parker tilted her head. “But why are you checking on her modifications?”
“Because it’s my job to know what goes on around this place.”


Reese glanced in mild curiosity at Softfur’s behaviour as she made her rousing speech to the bridge crew as they departed. But for one moment, he thought she was having some kind of seizure.
There was excitement in the air as the Yamato left the space dock. Softfur even more so. Yet he still continued to watch her, just in case she made any more future related outbursts.

Running his hands across the tactical console, he’d reorganised the controls for ease and fast calling whenever weapons systems needed to be up and running without too much fuss. Forward and aft torpedoes could be accessed at a touch of a button. There was a small amount of banter between Skon and Softfur shortly before the XO departed the bridge, leaving the calm thrum of power conduits beneath the aesthetically appropriate walls.

“Have you ever been on a voyage of exploration, before, Commander?”
Reese looked up to his commanding officer and nodded. “Yes, I have sir.”
“You have to be ready to defend this ship at all moments.” said Skon.
“That is my job sir.” replied Reese smartly.
“I also believe you and the chief engineer should take a look at all the ‘betterments’ Commander Softfur has made. Maybe we can use most of it. I want a report about the positive ones send to Starfleet Engineering as soon as possible.” Skon lowered his voice, out of earshot to the rest of the bridge crew. “But keep an eye out for those changes that seems too far in the future for us.”
Reese nodded in reply. That was also his job.

And another break

An uneventful hour passed. Reese liked that. At least he had a comfort in knowing that no one was tampering with the design of the universe. History is how it should be.
So far so good… he thought. Mere seconds later, a silent warning went off on his console. Power usage spiked for approximately twelve seconds before returning to normal. Being the detective he is, he checked for other discrepancies that happened moments before, finding a drop in the experimental raw materials used for the test Molecular Matter Synthetic Replicator. These would later be known as the early prototype models for the Federation Replicator Device.

Tracing the power spike to the source, he was dismayed, yet unsurprised that the origin was from Commander Softfur’s quarters.
“Captain, permission to leave the bridge.” said Reese.
Skon turned and looked at him. “For what reason, Commander?”
“To confer with Commander Softfur on one of her ‘betterments’, sir.”
Skon caught on to what Reese was implying and nodded. “Understood.”
“I will return shortly, sir.” Reese turned to Parker, who was standing nearby. “Take over for me, Ensign.” He paused for a moment. “Call me if anything fun happens.”
Entering the turbolift, he went to see just what Softfur cooked up this time.

Chiming at Softfur’s quarters, he decided against simply barging in to catch her red handed. Protocol needed to be established, or else he’d just look like a common thug.
“What can Iz do for yooz, Commander?” asked Softfur. She was sitting at her desk reading over some paperwork with what appeared to Reese as Tchaikovsky playing in the background. Then it hit him.
The smell of hot chocolate.
“Smells good, Commander.” He glanced over to the replicator; a few cables emerged from the wall alcove rerouted the couplings to make it work. “Pity another run would kill the warp core should you try it again.” He turned to Softfur and smirked. “Ships like these can’t handle the power output required on a regular basis, you know that.”
Softfur didn’t reply, but she was watching Reese with an inquisitive manner. Much like in the manner of a hawk.
Reese approached the open wall panel to where the extra cables were coming from. “R&D would be ecstatic once they hear that their first prototype works.” Switching the replicator off, he turned to Softfur. “Shame its thirty-two years too early.”

He saw the wide eyed expression on Softfur’s face. “Come on, you didn’t think Temporal Investigations was going to let this one slide did you? You’re an anomaly, wrapped up in an enigma, tied with one hell of a conundrum. Did you ever wonder why no one has come from the future to pick you up and return you to your normal timeframe? I wondered that myself. Then I figured there was only one reason why you’re here.”
“And what’s that reason then Commander?” asked Softfur.
“You tell me, Commander.” replied Reese.
There was an awkward moment of silence before Reese broke it.
“You’re here for a reason, just as I’m here for a reason. We all find out in due time what that is. For now, we follow the rules and try not to alter the timeline in any way, shape or form.”
Reese turned and headed for the door, pausing before the exit. “Oh that’s right, I nearly forgot.”
Pulling out his phaser, he vaporised the replicator. A blackened patch was left in its place as the device was destroyed.
Holstering his phaser, he gave Softfur a smile. “Thirty-two years too early, Commander. Enjoy your hot chocolate.”

As he left the XO’s quarters to the bridge, he heard a chirp from his communicator.
“Reese here.”
“Commander.” It was Parker’s voice. “We’ve got a problem.”

Broken :P

Problems happen, they always do and people assess them accordingly.
For Reese, a problem could mean only one thing. It usually started with ‘Something’ and ended with ‘Very Bad’.
Parker had informed him that two torpedoes were fired from the aft launcher with no prior order from the Captain or any other senior bridge officers. Definitely something very bad was going on.

Then there was the Softfur problem. He decided to not report the replicator issue to Department Headquarters for now as there were more pressing issues than this. He understood why she would miss these creature comforts of advanced technology from several centuries in the future. But there were rules and laws that governed over every Starfleet Officer that ensured the very fabric of time and space was not held in dire jeopardy. Softfur was allowed this second chance to redeem herself before Reese reported her in for the temporal transgression.

Still… why is she here? Reese thought. It was one question that still remained in his mindset every since he was given this assignment. Now that Softfur knew that Reese was working for Temporal Investigations, the undercover investigation was pretty much a bust. But at least the timeline is secure, and he hoped that Softfur would at least try to comply with the era and not enhance any more than what she was taught at the Academy regarding Starfleet history.

But Reese wasn’t one to hope for the best. There was something that didn’t sit quite right with him on Softfur’s behaviour. It may have been the Mousian factor, but Reese wasn’t one to put things down to her species.

He’d have to research this later, as data regarding the anything but the species, medical information and home star system was virtually nonexistent in all eras. Reese knew there’d be something lying around in the ambassadorial databanks. There always was.

For now, he had a couple of rogue torpedoes to take care of.

Break, but not really

“Weapons systems are online. Awaiting your orders, sir.”
Reese’s reply to Skon was textbook, almost nonchalant. He returned his attention back to his station console. Reese already had his weapons systems set up for this type of situation, mainly because it’s usually the first thing to do when testing new systems. Despite the fact that it was a training exercise, tensions were still high on the bridge. He glanced over to Parker. She appeared a little nervous.

“Much else happen while I was away, Ensign?”
Parker shook her head. “Not much sir, though…” Leaning over, keeping her voice out of earshot to the rest of the bridge. “The Captain did call me a lieutenant.”
“Perhaps he sees something in you that would stand for a promotion, Parker. We’ll have to see what happens.”
This brought a smile to Parker’s face and she nodded. “Yes sir.”
Reese nodded in agreement before turning to Softfur.

“So, do you have something for me, Commander?”

And ends mysteriously! Don’t know what happened, I either just left the forum sim, it lost activity, both or we all got bored. Anyway, this is one of my characters that had so much promise at an evolving development, cut short for some reason. So I leave this here as a reminder, a remembrance of an almost forgotten character and the tireless perception that there is some big organisation out there maintaining the order of history.

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