Spike Sienar

May 2005.
My blatant attempt at trying to establish Cowboy Bebop’s Spike Spiegel character into a Star Wars sim. It was fun starting up a history for this character, but it ultimately never came to fruition. Might use it as a base for The Old Republic MMO due out this year, just for fun.

Name: Spike Sienar
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Corellia (Homeworld: Coruscant)
Age: 22
Height: 1.8 metres
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown (right eye now dark red)
Class: Bounty Hunter

Born to a rich and powerful family, Spike Sienar could have had everything he wanted.

When Rexan and Adela Sienar took the trip to Corellia for a Galactic Technologies Convention, they never expected their third passenger to arrive earlier than scheduled. Spike was born almost a week early by the time the Sienars reached the local hospital. It is a mystery as to why his parents, aristocratic and business driven, chose to give their son a name such as Spike. It still remains a mystery to this day.

One year later, the Sienars had another son, Maxillas. The two boys grew up with friendly but driven competition between each other. The two attempted to best each other continuously that there was, at most times, a stalemate. Both in the top of their Academics classes, the only time they could compete on level field was through the Martial Arts.

His father knew that Spike had no desire to carry on the legacy of the growing business empire, but put his ingenuity and creativeness to good use and assigned his son to the research and development labs. From then on, Spike was in his element. Six months into his internship, he had designed a new compact escort fighter, the Swordfish Mk III, utilising a (at the time) classified advanced computational navigation system. Eight months later the first operational prototype was built. Three months later, Spike stole it.

No one knows for sure as to the reason why Spike stole the first prototype of it. A wide variety of rumours had spread as to Spike’s theft and disappearance. Some say there was an argument between him and his father about business, others a cry for attention. In truth, it was all personal. Of the eight prototypes created of the Swordfish Mk III, the first was really one of his personal projects. The Experimental Drive and Enhanced Integrated Navitron System, or the EDEIN System that was incorporated into the design, was carefully modified by Spike so that it would calculate the precise navigation data only, leaving the actual flying up to the pilot. He dubbed it simply EDEN, as there was no integration between the navigation and the main flight systems involved.
During this time he befriended a young and attractive engineer named Juleia. Spike fell in love the instant he met her.

Leaving the home he knew he could never return to, he sought out a new life through the core systems, eventually settling down on the Smuggler’s Moon, known to others as Nar Shaddaa. There, he settled into the line of work which suited his talents. The life of a bounty hunter.

A major turning point in his life came several years later upon a chance encounter with a Jedi Master named Caliban. Searching for work on Smuggler’s Moon, Spike stumbled into a dark alleyway to meet his information broker, when without warning a blade of searing red energy emerged from the darkness and lunged. A second lightsabre quickly came into view and blocked the blade effortlessly. The ominous glow of the fiery orange blade lit the visage of Jedi Master Caliban to face the Dark Jedi Pall Mordus. Caliban had searched the sector for Mordus, hoping to bring her back to the Light.
Spike watched the two Jedi engage in lightsabre combat and knew, like most people, not to get in the way of a pair of fighting Jedi. When he saw Caliban fall back to a corner, his inane instinct for causing trouble kicked in and rushed in to help, attacking Mordus from behind. As noble a gesture it was, Mordus sensed the pathetic attempt and without a second thought she reversed the grip on her lightsabre and thrust the blade neatly into Spike’s chest. It was there in that dark alley on Nar Shaddaa, Spike Sienar died.
Caliban, suffering grievous wounds himself brought Mordus to a stalemate before she fled the scene. Moving over to the lifeless body of Spike, Caliban knew that it was already too late for him and with one final act, he poured his remaining life essence into Spike, resuscitating the dead man to life again as the sacrificed what remained of his life to save another.
Spike sat up with a gasp, feeling his chest to find the wound closed up, leaving a twisted scar. He looked to his side to find the empty robes of a Jedi and the owner’s lightsabre in his hand.
Spike knew he felt different after that encounter and he could tell. From the sense of life all around him, to the colour change of his right iris to dark red, a clear indication that the Jedi Master Caliban existed within him.

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